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                    Where will you see the Beermonsters in 2013 ??

18-20 Oct               Mobile Chaos MCC - 17th Kamikaze Cave Run Rally

13-15 Sept             Jesters MCC Rally

30 Aug - 1 Sept      MAG - 'Stormin' the Castle, Witton Castle

16-18 Aug              Silsden Sewer Rats Rally

5-7 July                  Furness MAG - 2nd Dead End Rally

21-23 June            MAG - Farmyard Party - Helmsley, North Yorkshire

14-16 June            Stone Circle Rally, Northallerton

1-3 June                Sand Dancer Rally, South Shields

25 May                   Leeds MAG 40th anniversary ride out

10-12 May              Lanchester Centurions - Ben Hur Rally

3-5 May                  Isle of Man - TPG's birthday party

13 April                   Piel Island Party

5-7 April 2013        Beermonsters 17th Hand Pulled Rally